Duomai Intelligent welcomes your joining and cooperation
For many years, Duomai has been committed to providing comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solutions for specific industries and has a complete set of intelligent one-stop service systems
  • Procurement advantages
    Enjoy the unified procurement advantages of the headquarters, obtain better procurement prices and supply chain support.
  • marketing support
    Obtain advertising, promotion, and marketing support to attract more customers
  • training support
    Franchisees can usually participate in training courses provided by the headquarters to learn how to operate their business
  • Product development and innovation
    Enjoy product research and innovation support from headquarters to maintain competitiveness
  • Market Research
    The headquarters may provide market research data to help franchisees understand market demand
  • Brand promotion
    Franchisees can use well-known brands established by the headquarters to obtain brand promotional materials and logos to help promote the store
Six Advantages of Duomai City Partners
Looking forward to working hand in hand with you
Duomai Intelligent Manufacturing's product distribution channel has been upgraded with a brand new marketing model, and a team with internet genes has been formed to use strong brand potential to help franchisees quickly circulate and operate their products
It is expected to establish over 800 franchisees nationwide and strive for a lifelong goal of creating world-class companies with Chinese characteristics
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