If you want to keep the power supply open, you must be careful about these thing

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The power supply of this factory is no better than that of home power supply, so more attention should be paid to it, or in case of failure, the loss will be great. There are a lot of industrial equipment in the factory, and it is easy to cause line fault if you neglect it. If you don\\\\\\\'t believe it, just

Buy a house to decorate, not only the living room, room to decorate beautiful, bathroom design is also a major point oh. In particular, the bathroom is the space that we use every day. If we can have the relaxing atmosphere like a hot spring soup house, or the bright and practical design, it will not only be convenient to use in the future, but also greatly improve the mood of going to the toilet. And the bathroom space of general residence accounts for about 1.2 Ping, and slightly spacious may reach 1.8 Ping. How to use such a small space, I will share with you how to plan a perfect bathroom space.

Move forward: shower + bathtub to save space, look here!

In terms of the spatial distribution of the general residence, if it is not a luxury house pattern with a number of Daping, the bathroom is usually only about 1.5 Ping in size, and the basic configuration is toilet, basin and shower. How to correctly configure it is particularly important. The designer suggests that the bathroom with small floor area should choose one from the shower or bathtub. If the family is used to taking a bath, the bathtub can be combined with the shower function to save space.

The second move: bathroom moisture-proof material selection!

The design of bathroom ceiling mostly uses calcium silicate board. In addition, plastic aluminum plate can also be selected. After being covered with surface material, it is more moisture-proof, suitable for use in shower or directly above bathtub. In addition, diatom mud, one of the popular materials in recent years, has the function of moisture absorption and exhalation, and can also be used on the bathroom ceiling or wall.

The third move: solid wood turns the bathroom into an outdoor soup house!

If you are a person who attaches great importance to the comfortable atmosphere in the bathroom, you can use solid wood on the ceiling, such as fir to create a natural atmosphere, and take a bath as if you are in an outdoor hot spring.

The fourth move: Bathroom Storage is indispensable, pay attention to the selection of water-resistant materials!

Later, the bathroom can not avoid the storage of toiletries. Besides the basic mirror cabinet and bath cabinet, if there is enough space, it is also suggested that the owner can make use of glass or water-resistant foam board material to order high-depth storage cabinet to meet the needs of storage. As long as the planning is proper, the bathroom can be beautiful and practical.

Bathroom space design is perfect and reasonable, so that you can enjoy a moment of comfort and relaxation in this corner after a tired day.