120 tons, with high pressure, stable

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Buy a house to decorate, not only the living room, room to decorate beautiful, bathroom design is also a major point oh. In particular, the bathroom is the space that we use every day. If we can have the relaxing atmosphere like a hot spring soup house, or the bright and practical design,

The eight hole rotary disc high pressure and high strength brick machine has been a designated product in the building materials and equipment industry in China since the late 1980s. For decades, our company has been meeting the requirements of high-pressure, high-strength, and unburned bricks. After four improvements, the pressure can reach over 120 tons, with high pressure, stable operation, and high output. The main components improved several times from producing 33 to 38 pieces per minute are:

1. Increasing the thickness of each part of the base enhances the stability of the equipment;

2. The crankshaft is made of cast steel material and replaced with special material for forging and tempering treatment.

3. The eight hole disc has been changed from cast iron and ductile iron castings to 45 # steel castings.

4. The pressure rod components have been changed from castings to processed and made of special steel.

5. The wear-resistant and vulnerable parts are specially processed by military enterprises through high-frequency and quenching treatment.